For those who have special requirements we offer a custom service.  This can be based on special layouts for our standard products, or they can be something totally unique.  We will work with you, the customer, to come up with a product that exactly meets your needs.

Our sister company, Central Coast Trailers and Caravans, builds trailers and services trailers and caravans.  This experience gives us a great insight into what works and what doesn't.  It also exposes us to a variety of requirements.  When that is combined with our camper trailer activities it enables us to cover a very wide range of needs.

Because we are a small manufacturer that is focussed on custom designs we are able to provide cost effective quality solutions that meet specific customer requirements.  What helps the customer is that our overhead costs are spread over towbar fitting, trailer parts sales, box trailer sales and boat trailers.  This pays the rent and insurance, leaving us able to dabble in the fun side of our business (building specials) without having to pay for all the overheads in our low volume specials.


Gokart transporter/workshop


Triaxle pipe carrier


Barbecue trailer