Soft floor camper trailers were the beginning point for this industry, but they have their limitations in terms of comfort and speed of setup.  This gave rise to the "hard floor" type of camper, which opens up like a clamshell and provides more comfortable sleeping accommodation, and a hard floor entry area (the roof of the camper trailer) that is above ground, and therefore above any floods.  Setup and packing are also easier with a hard floor than a soft floor.


There are several manufacturers of hard floor campers. National Campers has looked at the range of products on the market and we have come up with a versatile package that provides a large camper trailer at a price well below the competition.  Body size is 2550 x 1960, as is the floor area.  Instead of using skin panels of steel (which is heavy and rusts), or aluminium sheet (which is also relatively heavy), we have adopted a relatively new product that combines the benefits of aluminium but at lighter weight.  Our skin panel is an aluminium/plastic/aluminium sandwich, which is much lighter than straight aluminium, and does not rust.  The bonding of the three layers results in a skin that is resistant to buckling (it looks great!), has a powdercoated finish, and is rust free.  This is fixed to the trailer body using the same adhesives that have been used for many years to bond the panels on buses and trains - no screws to rust or fall out.




  • Rectangular hollow tube, hot dip galvanised chassis.
  • Choice of off road suspensions - Alko independent IRS or our own "Softrider" extreme off road suspension.  (Refer to the Technical page of our website.
  • Alko 10" Off Road electric brakes.
  • Choice of off road hitch - Oz Hitch, Hyland, Alko, AT35, Treg/Trigg
  • 60l or 120l water tank with electric pump.
  • Choice of our own stainless steel or Drifta kichens.
  • 105Ah battery, charger and LED lighting for the bed area and the kitchen.
  • 12oz Australian canvas.
  • Option of integrated tropical roof.
  • Sunraysia style steel or cast alloy wheels with all terrain tyres, any bolt pattern.
  • Under floor spare wheel with winch.
  • Roof erection and folding is winch assisted gas struts.