Motorbike Camper Sydney


National campers, is an innovative Motorbike camper Australian firm which rejuvenates family camping holidays all around Australia. Our stylish and innovative motorbike camper trailers perfectly matches the camping needs of fisherman, surfers, hunters, kayakers, and trail bike riders efficiently and economically.


We have introduced an extensive range of motorbike camping trailers which have become a name among local citizens, and are highly accessible and cheaper. Being the leading camper trailer manufacturer, National campers known for all array of trailers ranging from box trailers to cargo trailers, leisure trailers to general use trailers, and motorbike trailer to camper trailers , and is also within user’s reach, and usability.


National campers Sydney, is the right place and a perfect choice for motorbike campers. We have ample varieties of campers and trailers well-equipped with options that enhance the vitality of all types of outdoors and camping needs. We have studied and lab tested on our motorbike camper trailers under the guidance of trailer experts and specialists, and accordingly we market our products which are not only fabulous but also create huge fascination among campers.


Our top notch and heavy duty motorbike camping trailers can be used as a camper or as a trailer, and are coated with waterproof and fire retardant features. Our lightweight design trailers put huge impact on Australians. It can be pulled simply with a motorcycle or by a small car. Apart from this, we do supply toy haulers, kitchens, windows, awnings and much, much more!

Have a look on amazing features of our motorbike campers:

  • Rooftop tent  designed using 14oz Rip stop canvas
  • Amazing Queen size bed upstairs
  • Get room for two at ground level
  • Provided with Flys on all windows & two doors
  • Campers with Midgie proof screens
  • Available with all range guy ropes & poles you require
  • Lightweight designed Trailer a local product
  • Get well-shaped 14" wheels and tyres
  • Front lockable PVC storage box...................................................and much more


If you interested feel free to contact us with your requirement, and we will surely happy to update you!!