Off Road Camper Trailer Sydney


National campers is a world famous off road camper trailer products supplier in Australia. Innovative design, outstanding reliability and durability, and amazing accommodation against extreme climatic conditions of Australia are its blessing to the off road products. Australia’s off road camper trailers products are widely known for their follow up of highest standards which are fully equipped with almost all desirable options. We expertly provide two versions of off road camper trailer. Our expert team understands the running expectations of people, and accordingly we have introduced stiff, short 6 or 7 leaf springs in the Australian market.


We have outperforming and stylish off road camping trailers appearing just like movable vehicles, and are innovatively designed to stand up against Australia’s wild nature. Our off-road camping trailer products have an impression and a reason to be recommended for family camping holidays. They are already available with built-in features and specifications showing great durability and reliability. National campers Sydney provides unbelievable off road trailers with great confidence and perfection.


We have expertise team of camper trailer parts and tires which induced them with great confidence on bumpy roads and wild tracks of Australia.  Our classically designed and colourful off road camper trailer shows great abundance of innovation, professional engineering and construction, and we undisputedly master into that.  

We have long time experience in an impeccable range of off road campers that breathe only to provide you an ultimate camping experience in an unbelievable comfort.


 Have a look on Remarkable features of our Off Road camper trailers:  


  • Get Off road hitch ( based on customer’s own choice)
  • Get newly15" Land cruiser pattern off road wheels & 225 × 75 tyres
  • Get 9' imported 14oz Rip stop tent & annex and 80mm mattress
  • Provided with Zip off awning
  • Front mounted spare wheel
  • PVC tent cover zipped to the trailer
  • Swing up jockey wheel
  • Provided with 2 jerry can holders
  • Locally made PVC lockable front storage box

       ..............And many more.