Introducing our side folding hard floor camper.  This layout is superior to a conventional rear folding hard floor in that the body of the camper houses useful storage for all those things you need to carry with you.  With a rear fold hard floor once the tent is erected you then have the task of unloading the body of the camper of all the chairs, clothing, esky etc out onto the unfolded floor.  With our design your clothes, shoes etc are always packed away in the spacious cupboards and are only accessed when you require them.


Secondly, erecting the camper is much quicker than a rear fold as there is no need to use a noisy winch.  Undo the two toggle clamps and flip it over on its gas struts, tighten the one roof bow near the door and the job is done.


This type of camper also provides lots of flexibility within the body of the unit for things like interior kitchen, fridge etc, or extra beds for kids.


And finally, you do not fold the dirty floor up over the bed when you move on.  In our camper you slip the mattress protector over the bedding, tighten the cinches, and then flip the lid over.  Bedding remains in place ready for the next use.






  • Galvanised RHS chassis (painted available at a discount).
  • Fibreglass composite sandwich panel construction for light weight, great thermal insulation.
  • Off road suspension (see our "Technical" page).
  • Standard kitchen is Drifta DPO with large slide out pantry above.  Others available on request.
  • LED external and internal lights.
  • Battery and Anderson plug (240v charger optional).
  • Queen bed (foam standard, inner spring option).
  • Mattress protector.
  • 2 gas bottle and jerry can holders.
  • Quick release steadies.
  • Alloy lockable front storage box.
  • Internal layouts can be customised to suit families.
  • Large awning (walls optional).
  • Optional tropical roof.
  • 70l water tank (120l optional).
  • Spare wheel mounted on a winch beneath the trailer.
  • Choice of brake type (electric, mechanical, hydraulic).
  • Choice of hub (Ford, Holden, Landcruiser 5 or 6 stud, Land Rover)


DIMENSIONS:    Towed length 4.1m                           Towed Height 1.6m


                          Bed area 2.2m long x 1.7m wide


                          Hard floor area 2.4m long x 1.86m wide internal


                          Awning 2.8m projection, 2.4m long (Others available as options e.g., Supawing)


                          Tare weight 680kg


                         ATM 1300kg