Soft Floor Camper Trailer

We offer a range of tents and suspensions on our soft floor campers.  Most popular is the budget style with imported 9' or 12' imported tent on a semi off road suspension.
We also offer a great off raod suspension that can be ordered with either an imported tent or Aussie made.  If you want to understand why please refer to our ?Technical? page on this website.  Our Extreme Off Road will outperform all but the most sophisticated suspensions found in Australia, because the design has been based on sound engineering principles and years of testing.  To explain it simply, it is to all intents and purposes the same suspension you will find in the rear end of a Hilux, Triton, Navara or Rodeo/Colorado.  As such it has effectively had thousands of man-years dedicated to its development.
Our Extreme Off Road suspension comprises very long, soft leaf springs (more than 1200mm long) with double acting gas filled shock absorbers, providing 180mm of controlled axle movement.  This long wheel travel wil allow you to travel at speed and with confidence over rough corrugated roads and those seriously rough tracks, without breaking the trailer or its contents.




  • 12' imported 14 oz Ripstop tent and annex
  • Australian made tent - side fold or end fold
  • Budget priced kitchens from Drifta
  • 70l water tank
  • Manual or electric water pump
  • On board 100Ah battery and charger with power sockets for lighting and fridge