National Campers is delighted to be able to release our new concept in trailer chassis, applicable to all large trailer types and perfectly suited to off road use.  This is the result of nearly four years of development, with many wrong turns along the way.


Many have tried this conept before without success, but we eventually came up with the soluition to the problem that stumped others - the issue of reversing.  The Tow-Ezi is not a two point pivot like most dog trailers, but a single point pivot with active steering (subject to patent application).


To see how easily it tows check out this Youtube clip -


Tow-Ezi Youtube video






  • Extremely safe (see below).
  • No need for weight distribution hitches. Ball weight is 15-20kg.
  • No need for anti-sway attachments.
  • Perfect for front wheel drive cars - no need for that thirsty SUV.
  • Can be towed with the standard family car.
  • No need for uprated rear suspensions on tow cars.
  • Great off road capability
  • Not susceptible to changes in loading - great for toy haulers and car trailers
  • Lighter (stronger) chassis size for size than a conventional trailer chassis

Tow-Ezi under test





The Tow-Ezi is a radical departure from trailer designs of the past, in that it has a front steering axle and a rear fixed axle. 




Because the chassis has a front and a rear axle it has the same resistance to spinning out as your tow car. Tests at 100kph (laden and unladen) have demonstrated that the trailer tracks perfectly behind the tow car in rapid lane change manouevres, whereas a conventional trailer chassis with central axles can very easily jack-knife in the same situation.


Passing large trucks is a major cause of caravan accidents, and some truck drivers are aware of this and try to make extra room.  When a truck passes a caravan the aerodynamic bow wave off the front of the truck hits the front right side of the caravan first, pusshing it to the left.  A split second later the same bow wave hits the rear right side of the caravan, pushing it to the left, while at the same time the suction generated between the two vehicles as they pass each other at speed sucks the front of the van towards the truck.


The final stage is when the suction between the vehicles pulls the rear of the van to the right.  In summary you have the van trying to turn left-right-left in rapid succession which sets up that well known snaking phenomenon which frequently leads to loss of control and disaster.


With the Tow-Ezi chassis this does not happen.  Just as your car feels the passing truck but remains stable so does the Tow-Ezi.  The widely spaced front and rear axles provide the stability required to resist snaking accidents.



Breakover angleMany larger camper trailers have a very long drawbar fitted out with storage boxes, kitchens and generator boxes. This means ball weights tend to be high, and they can vary considerably with the load, for example when water is added or used. But long draw bars also greatly reduce the break over angle that can be accommodated. This greatly limits the ability to drive into or out of a steep creek crossing. If the height and wheelbase of the van are the same as the tow car then both have the same breakover capability.


The same is true for approach and departure angles, meaning the van is as off-road capable as the tow vehicle.  Because the front and rear overhangs can be made quite short the Tow-Ezi has the same approach and departure angles as your tow car.  No need for those space consuming rear duck tails.


The other benefit of this axle layout is lower wheel to ground pressures, making the Tow-Ezi much easier to tow through mud or sand.




centre axleDog axle



With two widely spaced axle groups the Tow-Ezi is much stronger than a trailer with a centre axle group as shown in the photos above using a standard A4 sheet of paper (if you don't believe it try this at home).


As a result the chassis can be made lighter than is the case with a conventional trailer, even allowing for the extra axle weight compared with a single axle.  The test trailer has a tare weight of 700kg and has been tested to a GVM of 3.4 tonne



RH fullToy haulers are becoming more popular, and would be more so if not for their unique issues. These caravans have to be designed in such a way that when unladen the ball weight does not exceed the capacity of the tow car, but when laden with the “toys” they don’t end up tail happy due to too little ball weight. These two requirements are contradictory, meaning the design is always a compromise. The Tow-Ezi design solves this problem totally.


So it goes with horse floats. A lot of horse floats exceed towbar manufacturer’s ball weights when loaded. Axles are placed a long way behind the ball so the float tows OK when empty, but when loaded with three horses the ball weight is extremely high, and can exceed the rated capacity of even a 200 series Land Cruiser.